Sunday, 11 March 2012

C2C part recce

This is a C2C recce from New Biggin on Lune to Kirkby Stephen/Keld road and back.

These are Tommy Road. Looking West.

From Tommy Road looking East to High Seat. With the ravine that you follow down left of centre.
The error I made on ascending was to follow the stream in the centre which erred me to far to the right ending up just on the left of the sharp rise on the skyline.

This put me on extremely rough ground with massive wet bog areas. Some of the worst terrain I have ever crossed. Some phot's below.

 Grass covered swamps which took much meandering to negoiatte.
Came to this cairn/structure and could see how too far right I was so went left to get back down to where I should have ended up (where you exits the road for the fell side E to W) Found a mtv track for a short time then went left again eventually finding the track to shooting hides that leads to the building and road.
From the road at the point whee you leave it going E - W and the terrain ahead bearing slightly right.

Looking at the map, I could see that the road to KS curves slightly getting closer to the Fell and what looked like easier ground to get back over. I just couldn't stomach crossing all that bad terrain by going on the compass bearing from the road and came to the conclusion it would be better and quicker to go up the road for almost a further 3 miles to the summit and then cut across better ground to the right of Ulldale Gill Head (Far right).

This I did going nowhere as far as the Gill head but staying far right, but below the higher ground to my right. As the ground starts to flatten out a huge Peat Hag stands out. You would also see this if on that direct compass bearing from the original point on the road. (on a clear day). Basically getting to this and following that original bearing, brings you out at exactly the right point for the steep drop off on the other side. The crags/quarries are then just to your left, where you don't want to be.

A very steep grassy descent then at first followed by lots of little ridges and knolls, keeping on that bearing or visibly just heading towards the straight lane in the valley which is obvious, brings you a ravine which you cross and bear slightly left, bring ing you to a wall. Follow this left to tis end and you are on the path adn stream which takes you through the farm and onto the road.

That's what I would do Mick going E - W. Up the road to the Cumbria sign. Cuts out much really bad ground and apart from a boggy section after leaving the road the reat is perfectly ok.
From that original turning off point on the road, it took me 1hr 50min walking up to the raod summit, getting over the Fell and back down to the road at Castlethwaite.
Hope this helps.